NEED Real Estate are an independent, family owned and operated local agency. We know Darwin and we know the top end market because we’ve watched it evolve over 20 years of being in the business. Instead of creating smoke and mirrors, we prefer to market our properties, not ourselves.


Our biggest compliment is continual referral. Word of mouth has fortified our reputation as your local realty experts. We’re not about ‘tricks of the trade,’ we’re about consistently reliable service and believe in integrity, honesty, commitment and respect as we assist you in navigating through important real estate decisions.

We nurture all points of the property spectrum. This holistic service means our rental tenants become investors and those investors come to us to handle their properties. Furthermore, we approach each of our properties particularly and take the time to individually match places with people. With happy parties on both sides of the property exchange, we foster good tenants, good landlords and good return on investments.


We like to keep our portfolio small and selective and take pride in our minimal vacancy and well-maintained listings. Less properties means we give you more attention. More attention means you benefit from a faster turn-around time and an all-round high quality experience.


Being long-time locals, we have established relationships with Darwin professionals such as painters, gardeners, plumbers which all meet our high standard of maintenance. We are not a transient pop up shop, we move with the top end and know how property works here.


It’s important that you’re entirely on board with your real estate decisions. That’s why we don’t talk in real estate riddles and instead make clear, honest communication a priority. We keep you in the loop in your language.


Why Us

Simple. We meet your real estate NEEDs. Every time.

Ten Reason why you NEED Real Estate:

  1. Proudly independent
  2. Family owned and operated
  3. Darwin based for over 20 years
  4. Profit from our unsurpassed local experience
  5. Our past performance is a guarantee of your future success
  6. We’re across all aspects of real estate: buying, selling and property management
  7. Contactable after hours
  8. Open, authentic communication; no ‘real estate riddles’
  9. Proven turnaround times
  10. All our Agents are licensed and have been Certified by Real Estate Institute of the NT


What we do

At NEED, we tell it like it is. We like to take our cue from you and tailor our engagement to your preferred ‘all in, hands on’ or ‘don’t bother me with the small stuff’ approach. Whatever your style, we know what’s NEEDed for a successful property partnership. We nurture all points of the property spectrum and are your local experts in leasing, selling or managing your property. We look forward to chatting about your property and looking for the best outcome for you.



We know that Darwin can be a transient place. In our city,  over 45% of people rent. Pair this with the fact that most Property Managers in Darwin come and go within 18 months and you’ve got a pretty unstable property environment. NEED stands out with a well established rental roll and staff that have lived and breathed Darwin rental for over 20 years.



At NEED, we understand that selling can be a high-stress activity. The best thing we can do for you at this time is do our job; thoroughly and consistently. Instead of bugging you with ‘look at us,’ we turn our focus to tailored marketing to create cut through campaigns that meet your budget.


Our database gives us an edge in finding potential buyers for your property. Your sale will gain maximum exposure with NEED. We list all our properties on the main 2 websites  domain.com.au and realestate.com.au  and other established real estate advertising websites as well as on our own high-traffic site. Add to this our quality signboards and local experience and you tap into a wide market reach. NEED Real Estate is an independent and dedicated local institution that’s been getting the job done for over 20 years.


Property Management

Because we like to keep our portfolio small and selective, we take pride in each property which means we make you money on your investment, not cost you money. We approach each of our properties particularly and take the time to individually match places with people, collect rents and arrange repairs. Need Real Estate also cover the legal aspects of property management and keep up to date with the constantly evolving legislation governing them.


Five reasons why you NEED our superior Property Managers:

  1. We’re always contactable on mobile and keep in regular communication
  2. All staff members have been landlords, tenants and home owners
  3. Well established relationships with local maintenance professionals
  4. Holistic management; we understand that every property is different
  5. Ongoing staff education