Property Management

Because we like to keep our portfolio small and selective, we take pride in each property which means we make you money on your investment, not cost you money. We approach each of our properties particularly and take the time to individually match places with people, collect rents and arrange repairs. Need Real Estate also cover the legal aspects of property management and keep up to date with the constantly evolving legislation governing them.

Five reasons why you NEED our superior Property Managers:

  1. We’re always contactable on mobile and keep in regular communication
  2. All staff members have been landlords, tenants and home owners
  3. Well established relationships with local maintenance professionals
  4. Holistic management; we understand that every property is different
  5. Ongoing staff education

At NEED, we tell it like it is. We like to take our cue from you and tailor our engagement to your preferred ‘all in, hands on’ or ‘don’t bother me with the small stuff’ approach. Whatever your style, we know what’s NEEDed for a successful property partnership. We nurture all points of the property spectrum and are your local experts in leasing, selling or managing your property. We look forward to chatting about your property and looking for the best outcome for you.